Guinness World Records: 20 of the most bizarre

Image for Guinness World Records: 20 of the most bizarre

In honour of DJ Hertz breaking the world record for longest DJ set in history over the weekend, we’ve taken a look back at some of the most ridiculous Guinness World Records to have ever been published.

There’s everything from the world’s tallest man (of course), through to the more inane record time to enter a suitcase, farthest milk squirting distance, greatest distance travelled with a pool cue on the chin and the piece de resistance for bros everywhere, the most garter belts removed with the teeth in one minute. There’s also two entries from dogs (because animals can do pointless things to extremes, too), plenty of death defying stunts and one record involving 23,000 Big Macs.

Check out the gallery below, but prepare to have your gag reflex tested. Thanks to for the images.

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