Meet the first fist-pumping champion of the world

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Hot off the heels of DJ Hertz’s world record comes James Peterson, who’s recently been catapulted to moderate internet celebrity after breaking a world record of his own. Peterson’s achievement? He’s been crowned the fist-pumping champion of the world.

While we’re not sure if Guinness is endorsing this one, Peterson – an unemployed electrician – is definitely deserving of praise. The distinctly thumb-resembling American fist pumped for a whopping 16 hours straight whilst at the pub and walking around an Ohio university campus, bringing an equally-devoted videographer along to record every moment. If you’re wondering how one manages to fist-pump for 16 hours straight, 31-year old James had a particular trick: super-gluing his fist together.

“I have set the qualifications for this record and every minute that I do this is a new record,” his sage and insightful statement to began. “My fist is super-glued together to ensure I maintain perfect fist formation. I used to hang light fixtures, so I am used to having my hands above my head.”

Bravo, James. Bravo.


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IamMartin said on the 16th May, 2012

Wow, I've just lost all faith in humanity.


Amosse said on the 16th May, 2012

i wonder what songs/artist/genre he was listening to


FreeWeekend said on the 17th May, 2012

I hear that vinny of jersey shore once fistpumped for 8 weeks straight


Dino0033 said on the 17th May, 2012

This is bad reporting. The record was broken by ray of the bobby bones show. Tuesday may 15. He did it for 17 hours and 20 minutes