Listen: Radiohead's 'OK Computer' and 'Kid A' go chiptune

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Earlier this month, Beatport members received an email highlighting new ‘Genres on the Rise’, a list that included the curious likes of Yacht House, Rave Revival and Progno. Now just a few short weeks later, one of those Genres on the Rise is poised to go viral, thanks to two very interesting reworks.

YouTube user QuintonSung has create Chiptune (that’s 8-bit, or Nintendo music) versions of the entirety of Radiohead’s albums OK Computer and Kid A. While the Chiptune reworks will no doubt divide listeners, it’s a pretty impressive feat. “This is a tribute to one of my favourite bands,” the clearly-devoted Quinton Sung explained. “Long live Radiohead!” So, wonder how Thom Yorke would feel about it?


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jamwildway said on the 1st Jun, 2012

Where are the lyrics??? These mixes suck balls