2010's best & worst video moments

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As much as the experience of club culture is a sonic one, nobody could never downplay the importance of great visuals in dance music. Where would the likes of The Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk be without the trademark emphasis on visuals that they’ve both cultivated? As such, music videos afford artists with an opportunity to test their visual mettle and experiment with a new medium.

Of course the results of that aren’t always good and there’s a smudged and shitty side to every shiny coin. With that in mind we’re wrapping up the year in videos on inthemix, collecting both the best local and international videos as well as paying special tribute to some fantastic viral oddities and a few straight-up stinkers too.

The Best Viral Videos:

DJ of Happiness

Who could forget DJ der guten Laune – that’s DJ of Happiness – who showed himself as a tragic fan of David Guetta’s new pop career with this random little video of him rocking a party in Europe which has now racked up over 850,000 hits on Youtube. Next stop, Ibiza!

Grown Man Cries for Tiesto

This one’s a recent entry but has quickly become a favourite viral clip for ITM staffers. It’s from the Brisbane leg of this year’s Stereosonic festival and, as the title would suggest, shows a fully grown guy weeping tears of joy during Tiesto’s set…

Jaydos’ Festival Tips

One clip likely passed along to you multiple different emails was the faux Splendour In The Grass tips from viral sensation Jaydos. As well as featuring the classic line about his idol Steve Aoki – “I just wish I could be his mate” – this one’s worth revisiting to get a last look at the Jaydos character before he’s selling Honda Jazz’s with Bangs next year.

DJ Girl

While this one didn’t spread wildly viral like its creators were likely hoping, the trailer for hacky independent film DJ Girl was something we loved (to hate) this year. The simple story of a party girl trying to prove herself as a DJ, DJ Girl looked positively dreadful. Like Showgirls level shitty. So obviously we’re hoping for a BluRay copy in our stockings this Christmas.

The Best Local Music Videos:

Midnight Juggernauts – Lara Vs. The Savage Pack

While their clip for other album single Vital Signs was a twisted wonder in its own right, Lara Vs. The Savage Pack gets the nod for its painstakingly intricate stop-motion style. We’ve got sympathy RSI just watching it.

Art Vs. Science – Magic Fountain

The Mighty Boosh overtones aren’t exactly concealed on this but the concept is a clever and for the rinky-dink independent operation that Art Vs. Science are running the production values are off the charts.

Bag Raiders – Way Back Home

Shot by regular Modular collaborator Kris Moyes, the Way Back Home video finds the director pushing the Bag Raiders boys through (figurative) hoops, drinking (literal) paint and getting messy. It’s a visual feast.


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