World's Best Festivals

#11 Sensation – Netherlands

Undoubtedly one of the most recognisable dance brands in the business, Sensation bashes have become famous the world over for their huge parties that wrap house and trance up with huge production and outfit themes.

#12 Monegros Desert Festival – Spain

Set in the Spanish wilderness, the Monegros Desert Festival is the definition of epic with sprawling desert grounds and hordes of electronic fans flocking to the annual bash.

#13 Calvi on the Rocks – Corsica, France

If a relaxed and loose festival vibe is more your thing then you’ll be all over Calvi On The Rocks in Corsica which takes DJs to a beachside paradise. Expect sun, surf and a lot of beautiful French people.

#14 Global Gathering – England

Global Gathering continues to hold firm as the premier UK dance festival. Forget the satellite versions, see the original and the best in Britain, even if the weather stinks.

#15 Hard Haunted Mansion – Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles Hard Haunted Mansion, going down annually around Halloween with the cream of the electro scene. If you can survive partying with insane LA rave-kids then you can handle anything.

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