The Best Mix-CDs of All Time

#25 Tiga – DJ-Kicks

Something of a hero of the mix-CD format, Tiga kept plenty of surprises up his (perfectly tailored) sleeve for DJ Kicks in 2003. Both celebrating and poking fun at ‘electroclash’, it’s still tres chic.

#24 Luke Slater – Fear and Loathing 2

Dance music renegade Luke Slater does the mix-CD his way on Fear And Loathing 2, an unapologetically raw voyage through techno. The rough and ready mixing is all part of its singular charm.

#23 Jacques Lu Cont – Fabriclive 09

Bringing together disco, synth-pop and house in unexpected ways, Jacques Lu Cont’s FabricLive.09 is still a joy to consume in one sitting.

#22 James Lavelle – GU: 23 Barcelona

Global Underground has yielded many a lasting mix, and James Lavelle’s Barcelona-inspired GU23 is one of the best. Breaking from the series’ prog mould, the UNKLE visionary opted instead for glitchy breaks and trippy hip hop.

#21 A-Trak – Dirty South Dance

Back in 2007 A-Trak was pushing the limits of creation, fusing club joints with rap vocals. Nowadays everybody's mining the same sound but it's unlikely they'll top this entertainingly strange and strangely entertaining disc.