John '00' Fleming's Top Ten Defining Records

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John ‘00’ Fleming has never been one to toe the party line. Impassioned and deep-thinking, the man known to his fans as J00F always puts the music first. This weekend sees him return to Australia for the J00F Editions winter tour, and he’s treating it as ardently as anything else. “You have no idea how much preparation work I'm currently putting into these four-hour sets,” J00F told his followers recently. “This is going to be a very special tour for a country that has supported me so dearly.”

There’s no denying it’s going to be a special tour, with the DJ digging deep and going long in legendary style. In honour of the occasion, we asked J00F to join other luminaries like Nick Warren and Henry Saiz in our Guest Lists feature series. As you can imagine, this is one fascinating brain to pick about electronic music. So which ten records have influenced the mighty J00F? Read on.

Jean Michel Jarre – Equinox IV

“The man is responsible for getting me into electronic music when I was a kid in the ‘80s. I was fascinated by the futuristic sounds created by synths. It was mind-blowing back then because ‘general’ music was made with live bands. This was something new. I feel this man was the creator of trance music; listen to this track from 1978!”

Tangerine Dream – Ricochet 1/2

“Another electronic band from the late ‘70s and early ‘80s that I grew up with as a kid. Again, this was music like nothing else out there. I suppose this has set me on the musical path that I lead today, loving innovative music, sounds and technology. This song used to make cry and fall asleep as a kid. That’s the power of music with soul.”

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