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(Warp/Creative Vibes)

It has been 10 years down the track and the Autechre duo; Sean Booth and Rob Brown give us their seventh full-length album since Incunabula. Autechre’s most hardcore of fans may be looking for an indepth, over-intellectualised breakdown of what this album has to offer, but after re-listening to it so many times I am afraid to say, that all the more I pulled apart and dissected the harder it was for me to “enjoy” this album. The sounds and idiosyncratic beats really do “speak” for themselves by hitting certain nerve endings and tapping into my emotional psyche.

The album starts off with track – ‘Xylin Room’; a jittery track that “tap tap taps” on your aural senses with every hidden chime and disconnected beat. I was really able to find a certain “groove” in this track, something that I don’t find very often in Autechre’s work. A nice messy staccato of sounds and twisted thundering bass. Xylin is probably the track that I listened to the most on this album.

‘IV VV IV VV VIII’ is a more laidback atmospheric track with quite an eery feel, the beats are off, but in true Autechre style the silence and spaces are what make this tune fuse together. The deep synth lines in ‘Tapr’ are gut wrenching and the frentic blips and blops melt into a cold backdrop of dark stabs and squelches.

I feel the album changes direction when it comes to the fifth tune ‘Surripere, the beats are not so eccentric and the melodies become more easy to digest. Surripere really leans towards a more structured composition; a song of sounds if you will – rather than the chaos of beats and rhythms that were heard earlier on in the album. ‘P.:ntil’ is another of the tunes that I took an immediate liking too. The electro vibe is evident in this tune and it has one of the sweetest of ‘chimed’ melodies to soften up the robotic ambience.

With all forms of IDM that I listen to, I have a personal tendency to totally immerse myself into the beats and visualise things. Sometimes these visualisations are abstract, sometimes they are a vivid visual clip in my head of an instance in life or a string of instances. Hence the reason why I thoroughly enjoy listening to Draft 7.30, it is just another album to add to my “escape” collection. An album that I can turn to when I want to be somewhere else in this world. Draft 7.30 doesn’t really break any new Autechre ground in terms of new sounds or new direction, but it should not be dismissed as a fine work of an emotionally charged complex composition of beats, glitches, quirks, melodies and mental clutter.

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