Linus Loves feat. Sam Obernik - Stand Back

Image For Linus Loves feat. Sam Obernik - Stand Back

(Data Records)

Stand Back comes from the original version by Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks who co-wrote the track with Prince. The Linus version of Stand Back started life as an instrumental called The Terrace on Linus’s very own Breast Fed Recordings label because the producers couldn’t find a vocal to match Stevie’s. Now with the addition of an infectious vocal performance courtesy of Sam Obernik who sang in Tim Deluxe’s tune: ‘It Just Won’t Do’ the cover is complete.

The track is tipped to dominate the house genre over coming months especially with anything retro flavoured getting so much action these days. The single comes with a tidy set of remixes courtesy of French funksters Archigram from the Paris based Crydamoure. Label mate Mylo, and Linus himself who has provided his own special variation on the tune. This single is also featured on the current release from Ministry: ‘The Annual 2004’.

The single features 5 mixes and a radio edit with the highlight mixes in my opinion being the final three. Mylo’s Pastel Bronco Remix has some cool dirty retro synth sounds, while the vocal free Linus Loves Friday’s Child Mix would definitely rock any house loving dance floor. Overall, a good release that has quite a different sound and will be enjoyed by house fans.

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