Pendulum - Another Planet

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(Breakbeat Kaos)

A – Another Planet
B – Voyager

Probably the biggest thing to hit the drum and bass scene over the past year, and arguably Australia’s most prolific electronic music export in quite some time, Perth trio Pendulum have knocked up two quite spectacular tunes for this release on Fresh )EIB( and Adam F’s Breakbeat Kaos.

Another Planet hits hard like a sack of doorknobs. From the now ubiquitous “Pendulum Intro” , which features a tidy little vocodered passage, the War of the Worlds sample that the tune takes it’s name from, and then to the nifty swingbeat change-up, there’s more going on in this tune than an episode of Models Inc.

The synth-work in both tunes of this release is unmistakeably Pendulum. Rather than fall into the trap that all too many d’n’b producers fall into of overusing the same things (the tramen and the reece come to mind), Pendulum have coined their own recognisable sound, but manage to stay fresh at the same time.

Voyager on the flip is a fairly techy affair, with bubbling riffs, and a pervasive bassline pushing the track forward. No massive change-up action on this side, just a straight up roller. A really well done piece of dancefloor drum and bass action.

More Pendulum stuff is coming through soon, with a 12” on Timeless, featuring Back 2 You and Still Grey, and a collaboration with New Zealand’s Bulletproof, Mind’s Eye on Renegade Hardware’s rather massive looking School of Hard Knocks LP.

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