Various Artists - Hip Hop Forever II: Mixed by Jazzy Jeff

Image For Various Artists - Hip Hop Forever II: Mixed by Jazzy Jeff

(bbe/Rapster/Creative Vibes)

This CD has one of the best tracklistings I have ever seen featuring artists such as Gang Starr, Tribe Called Quest, Raekwon, Cypress Hill, Nas, Pete Rock and Beatnuts. Any hip hop head is likely to agree, the mixing is first class throughout as is the immaculate beat juggling and dope as cuts, yet despite all this it is one of the least exciting releases we have been hit with this year and is now used in my stereo as dinner music.

This album reminds me highly of his Melbourne performance last year – tracks, skills and mixing all of a phenomenally high technical level yet completely lacking in the ability to convey any energy whatsoever throughout his music. On this mix in particular the funk and bounce of these fly as fuck tracks is sacrificed for the cuts and juggling which whilst displaying his abilities as a dj he makes the whole album clinical and completely uninteresting.

Some tracks gel perfectly whilst others have seemingly been dropped on top of each other, the use of levels and filters at times completely ruin the tracks – especially the muffled rendition of Beatnuts ‘get money’ and butchering of Nas’s ‘Made U Look’.

The mix is so ‘sit on fence’ that it is hard to praise or criticise it. Boundaries left fully intact, excitement factor 0 out of 10 this is not something to rock your socks off but if your into a solid, well mixed bunch of quality hip hop then this may be your thing. I would have bought it for the tracks alone.

In Summary – dope as it is disappointing.

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