Deepgroove - We Came Here To Dance

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(Cuba Recordings/Stomp)

The duo of Grayson Shipley and Lee Pattison disguise themselves as Deepgroove once again – this time for the tenth release on the uber-cool Cuba recordings label. Although famous more for their 4-decks & FX shows, this double A-side shows off their production side; but still continues the delve into all things experimental in the mash of tribal/electro/tech/house.

We Came Here To Dance gets underway with some nice tribal percussion, then layers in spooky fx, and peaks into swirly electro-synths. It definitely wastes no time getting into the core sound of the track, as the first few minutes is a constant build-up of the main elements, but the bassline feels a little lacking.

A similar sound continues with The White Isle, but Deepgroove are joined by Amie Karlsson (who is supposedly a Scandinavian superstar), and it instantly beefs up the bass. Lots of synths dominate the track again, but it has a more throbbing bassline – and a little garnish of catchy strings to give that nice sunny house feeling.

Tools of synths, speech, and whooshes are all included in the single disc package – but The White Isle alone makes it well worth a listen.

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