Various Artists - Bedrock Original Series, Mixed by Desyn Masiello

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The newest series from Bedrock, the original series sees Desyn Masiello, a long time DJ with a respectable gig-list mix together some of the best prog tunes of the underground. The series starts with volume 1, a 12 song compilation with names not so commonly heard in the commercial scene, but with sounds just as good if not better.

The compilation is one above many, purely because of the way each song flows into the next. I guess for this reason it is one of those CDs you can play over and over. Fake Love by Future Beat Alliance kicks of the compilation with a chilled beat layered along side a beautiful atmospheric blend of strings (which are tweaked to sound phony intentionally). What makes the tracks sound so interesting is the curious harmonies, each combination of notes being so unique. It’s amazing how they all come together so well.

Track 3, Phonky Somma from Blades and Graham is another tune to mention with an unreal atmosphere created by sounds unfortunately rarely heard in most mainstream prog. It is technically faultless with a defining melody only explored from beyond half way and not prior to the breakdown. This subtle technique of unraveling the layers within the song, as prog should, also flows through to the mixing which what makes this compilation stand out.

Further into the CD the vibe gets a little stronger with some more intricate percussive sounds and stronger bass lines producing rather a cross prog/house feel. One such track would have to be number 7, Joyous Loop by Community Spirit and track 10, Stockholm Disco EP from Sebastian Ingrosso and John Dahlback.

The compilation ends with a tune which will certainly keep you in anticipation for the next volume in the series. Harry Peat’s, Affrodissiac, has a much funkier feel to it but with all the elements of the previous prog tracks. A consistent melody throughout and several fascinating percussive patterns make this aside track 3 one of the best.

What is so amazing about this compilation is the way it makes the whole selection of tracks just sound like one seventy three minute track. This is the true art of a compilation and Desyn Masiello through his brilliant mixing definitely discovers and shows that in the Bedrock Original Series 1. Those that love the Renaissance series should check the Original Series.

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