Various Artists - Loveslapped Vol 3 by Jay-J

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Just in time for summer comes the next installment in a series of fine mix cd’s from the San Francisco label Loveslapped Recordings, a long-time player in the US deep house scene.  This volume is lovingly and seamlessly compiled and mixed by respected DJ & Producer, founder of San Francisco’s Moulton Studios and one of Sydney’s favourite international guests Jay-J who is due back on our shores again soon.

The cd starts out with Inland Knights’ tribute to the disco classic by Slum Village Slummin It.  This is followed by the first of four of Jay-J’s own releases Summertime, featuring the vocals of Latrice Barnett.  Typical Moulton Studios production work on show here with real melodies layered to create a particular mood.  This gives the flavour for the rest of the cd, with funk and disco inspired bass lines, sparkling keys, subtle vocal harmonies and simple percussive elements all combined to create music with soul and groove – something you can enjoy a cocktail at sunset to or wind down to after a big night out.

The pace is then picked up a notch with Llorca’s shuffling funk guitar mix of Miss Me’s Surprise Me and another Jay-J classic, this time joining forces with Halo for Make My Heart, again featuring Latrice Barnett on sultry vocal duties.  We then take a short jazz break before Kascade’s huge anthem of last summer It’s You, It’s Me slowly rolls into the mix courtesy of yet another remix.  Anyone who saw Kascade drop this at his gigs here will attest to the sheer energy on a dance floor one tune can create.

Highlight of the cd for me would have to be K Hands Get Down, this time being reworked by Movido to create a classic New York style rolling jazz monster.  The mix closes with two Andy Caldwell collaborations, the first is remixed by Marques Wyatt to create a soothing percussive track, and the final track is another Jay-J collaboration – both very similar to his Soulstice releases.

Overall this is a quality release, and essential for any fan of this style of soulful uplifting vocal house.  Plenty of organic soul, funk and jazz elements and strong vocals combined with just enough energy to keep you moving.  It’s a very simple formula, but a tried and tested one that has put San Francisco well and truly on the map.

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