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A man that never ceases to amaze me has done it once again. Seb Fontaine has a hot new release on Oakey’s Perfecto Label. Seb has always been one of the most forward thinking DJs on the circuit and has taken his established sound to launch a continuation of his monthly club nights onto a compilation for the rest of us to enjoy and the end product is the TYPE series. This 2 CD compilation is great! Seb has taken his dark and progressive sound and put one eye into the future to bring us a CD with a track-listing that is filled with tough, chunky, digital edged house music.

The first CD kicks off with a debut compilation appearance of More Intensity by Pete Tong & Chris Cox pres. Noho Porn Stars and continues on a funky journey with tracks from Chiapet, Saeed & Palash, Morillo & Co and an exclusive TYPE remix of Need to Feel Loved  from Reflekt (aka Seb Fontaine, Jay P & Deline Bass).

The second CD gets even better with tunes that progressive, electro, trance and house heads will enjoy and the build ups and tempos changes throughout this CD are one of the best I have heard on a long time and they finish us of with one of the best remixes I have heard of Jaydees Plastic Dreams.  CD 2 kicks of with a fantastic bootleg of “Get it Back” from Sebastian Ingrosso, perfectly infused with a Wet Accapella from Harry “choo choo” Romero’s What Happened

From here we are taken on a winding musical journey with tracks from Sander Kleinenberg, Italian House King Alex Neri and an appearance from Calderone & Quayle with Resonate. To top this off we have the appearance of Jessica Eve with one of the “coolest” intros ever to be found on a compilation and one that will have you in stitches!

Overall a fantastic CD, with no faults what so ever and with enough crunch to still sound fresh in 5 years time. And a word of warning… If you get this CD always keep your eyes on it, it’s that hot!

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