Downsyde - When the Dust Settles

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Perth’s finest hip hop export hit the ground running with their second album, following up on their 2003 release “Land of the Giants”.  The title “When the Dust Settles” is a savvy choice of words, as this slick production from is a solid set of tracks that showcases their growth as recording artists.

Packing over 20 tracks onto one disc is no mean feat, it would seem the boys from the west had a lot to say, luckily they say it well, incorporating hiphop party anthems and downbeat musical mashes and all that comes in between. Encompassing a huge array of instruments including middle eastern organs, salsa flutes, rolling drums and orchestral strings, the tunes sit nicely just behind the Rhymes that are delivered with humour but deal with issues that delve a little deeper. 

Speaking of love, drugs, sex and power it’s clear that these guys are not afraid to speak what has been in their hearts and on their minds since we last sat down to listen. Collaborations with and special guest appearances by Koolism, Hunter and MJ, Layla, Louis Slipperz, Skit and Drapht just solidfy their position as one of the countries most recognized outfits. Samples and scratching abound without over powering and the blend of styles make it a pleasure to listen to, the sweep across reggae, soul, funk, rock melded together by an unmistakably Australian voice flies the flag proudly for our burgeoning hip hop scene.

If you ever thought we were in danger of being swamped by American music culture then one listen to this should set your mind at ease, an album that touches on many genres and embraces them all, it would seem if all Aussie music grew in such a unique direction then we would be blessed indeed.

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