Various Artists - A Bugged Out! Mix by Erol Alkan

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Erol Alkan, known for his Trash and Bugged Out residencies, serves up the next instalment in the Bugged Out series. This is one seriously eclectic DJ. He’s been known to drop surprise tunes from the White Stripes and Guns ‘n’ Roses, so it’s no wonder Erol’s turning heads. This is a two CD compilation with CD 1 capturing Erol’s style at a Bugged Out party. CD 2, his Bugged In Selection, is a 5am trip through Erol’s rock, psychedelic and thoroughly unusual record collection.

Opening with 37 seconds of Deep Purple’s ‘Hush’, then quickly shifting into the Soulwax dub of ‘E Talking’. This track has some dark rock moments interplayed with electo glitches and bleeps. Geht’s Noch bring us ‘Roman Flugel’, a quirky little number, whilst ‘Les Danseuses’ presents a gritty, deep-as beat. DJ T’s ‘Time Out’ is a light, acid-funk tune. ‘Voo Doo Knights’ might have you wondering what Spirit Catchers were thinking when they wrote this one – truly unusual. A little bit of Etienne de Crecy never goes astray. This time he delivers Super Discount 2’s ‘Fast Track’. Alkan blends it with Simian ‘Never Be Alone (Acapella)’ – a retro angst shouted lyric. The eccentric sounds of Steve Bug get some air time with ‘That Kid’ and track 13, Tiga’s ‘Move My Body’, is an exclusive Bugged Out edit. Fabulously popular ‘Rocker’ – yup, the Alter Ego track – is given a spin. It fits in perfectly with the mind bogglingly eccentricity of this CD. Bugged Out wraps up with Alkan’s mash of ‘Higher State of Consciousness’ and The Rapture. This might have you shaking your head in astonishment or blissfully hitting the dancefloor for a moment of intense rhapsody.

CD 2 is, apparently, what you might hear Alkan unleash come 5am. It opens with bird noises, so you already know you’re in for a trip. The opening track is Rare Bird, an early British prog rock band (gotta love genre naming!) with ‘Passing Through’. I’m not sure how this would go dropped in a club at 5am, but it’s sweet enough to work well in my living room. ‘Willows Song’, which you might recognise from the movie The Wicker Man, has strangely child-like and haunting lyrics. The White Noise bring us ‘Your Hidden Dreams’. It sounds like something out of Wizard of Oz….gone wrong….brash opening, wispy lyrics and odd orchestral-on-acid sounds. Julie London is right out of Roger & Hammerstein with ‘End Of A Love Affair’. Trespasser William does a thoughtful remake of ‘Vapour Trail’. French electronic pioneers bring the odd-ball ‘Birds’ and, just to make things weirder, we get 1982 disco hit ‘Just An Illusion’. Vacuum noises are the basis for ‘Holland Tunnel Love’. That’s just before it drops into brass (you know, trumpet, sax…). This CD is so…well…bizarre…almost every tune is worth mentioning. ‘Overnight’ is, and I kid you not, a piano movement. This CD finished and my headspace didn’t feel quite the same.

Kiddies, you don’t need acid to listen to this one. Or maybe you do. Extraordinary doesn’t even begin to describe it. Alkan strikes me as a DJ you either love, or blow off as a self-indulgent madman. If you like your music off-the-wall, this is definitely a keeper.

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