Monk Fly - Signore Baffone

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(The Frequency Lab)

Chris Hancock is ‘Monk Fly’, a stand out Sydney producer and DJ who prefers to deviate from the norm. A founding member of the very impressive ‘Elefant Traks’, Monk Fly has releases on ‘Cursive Writing’, ‘Food to Eat Music By’, ‘The Herd’ and ‘An Elefant Never Forgets’. His latest project ‘The Frequency Lab’ is a den for music’s creative types and fresh from within comes his debut solo album, ‘Signore Baffone’ – a veritable banquet of raggedy cabaret vibes and slick sonic escapades.

With a distinct stand-alone style, ‘The Stupids’ opens proceedings with downtempo beats accompanied by dirty brass and much cheering to boot, it’s cheeky and it’s good, the vibe is after hours chic and from here on end you can expect the unexpected. Think the quirky eeriness of Twin Peaks (Rood Vibes, Venus is Neptune), the ear teasing delights of Herbert (A Good Day, Monk Intro to Drop, Helium Hype) and the crazy basslines of Chris Hale.

Exploration and experimentation are of the essence here. As instruments strut, splutter and swoon behind a breadth of foxy vocalists, you’ll soon find yourself snapping your fingers to the beat as you meander through this kooky little place Monk Fly calls home. For those in search of a little aural drama, this album certainly hits the spot.

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