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Just as we get to the end of an amazingly chaotic year, filled with outstanding releases and labels around the world get set to slow their gushing release schedules down to a fine trickle until next year. They’ve got a few delightfully exciting re-releases to bludgeon us over the head with, just in time for the silly season.

Another staggering re-release to make your holidays stylishly complete, is the long awaited ‘Nite Versions’ from Belgian brothers David and Stephen Dewaele. If their 2004 offering ‘Any Minute Now’ wasn’t dancefloor orientated enough for you party lovers, then I’m sure you’ve already become well enough familiarised with the cult classic remixes and re-edits of the tracks, after a year of having them firing up the dancefloors.

Included in this equally as trippy looking package are crowd and dj favourites E-Talking, Slowdance, NY Lipps and Another Excuse (a hectic DFA retake on the album’s NY Excuse) and a jaw dropping cover of Daft Punk’s Teachers, which adds a whole new audio boom to the cult cut. Breathing a new life force into what was already an outstanding classic in the dance catalogue.

It’s one trip you’ll enjoy taking several times daily, with every included sonic blast luring you to turn it up and shake it out, at home or in the car, at work or in the club. As all of the most notable and hard to track down reworkings are all here on one highly dance-able 53 minute feast, it’ll have you smiling, dancing, singing and freaking out everyone around you for the remainder of the summer. And what’s more? It’s the perfect record to have you eagerly and impatiently counting down the remaining days and hours left till Soulwax get set to rip it up down under at the 2006 Big Day Out.

Pressing play is like akin to your first encounter with a party drug, you simply put it in and smile ecstatically, as the rest of the world disappears into one spinning spectrum of colours, heat and thrilling feeling. As the sounds that surround kidnap you to a place far more excitable than where you are now. This mix is set to blow your mind good and proper, but beware anything you may hear from here on in, isn’t likely to sound quite as good, because your standards have just been set to a whole new level!

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