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So I whacked this one thinking it was a pleasant enough collection of tunes ranging from house to breaks – a whole bunch of nice tunes from recent times to yesteryear. It wasn’t until I got around to watching the DVD (filmed from 2002 to 2005) that I realised exactly what it was – a homage to great events in the sunshine. From the opening shots with the camera panning over picturesque Sydney Harbour to the teeming views of people in various states of wiggle, this is a happy little collection of memories for Sydneysiders.

It was interesting to watch the other side in action, being a Perth girl an’ all. Having never heard of a Fuzzy’s gargantuan Field Day, I could only speculate on its importance in the NSW clubbing calendar. Was it akin to our supremo of events, Good Vibrations, the sun-saturated and hotly anticipated annual fiesta? Or was it more like Breakfest, the doyenne of the loyalist breaks fans that kicks off every Boxing Day? Whatever it is, as I watched I was left thinking – who the hell are these people? But from the shorty-shorted girls (and there were plenty of gratuitous shots of those) to the shirtless boys, everyone seemed to having a damn fine time!

So on to the music. Brimming with hits and old favourites, this CD and DVD duo features the Plump DJs (Get Kinky), Soul of Man (Gonna Keep On) and Martin Solveig (Rocking Music) among a host of other record-spinning greats. It’s got the Drummatic Twins nestling between Felix da Housecat and Rennie Pilgrim, with Freq Nasty and the Freestylers bringing up the rear, as well as Soulwax, Koolism and Krafty Kuts. What more could you want?

Sydneysiders should definitely get hold of a copy of this – your finest moments on the grassy dance floor may have been captured in living colour, and your long forgotten wave and tongue-poke to the camera recorded for posterity. I suggest the blessed out kids keep it well away from the parents, however.

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