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The Avalanches

Radio (Radio Edit)

Frontier Psychiatrist

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Modular Recordings 2001

Following the huge success of their debut album “Since I Left You”, the Avalanches have released the first single from the CD; “Radio” and “Frontier Psychiatrist” and have also included a bonus track, the outstanding “Frontier Psychiatrist” video clip.

The six-strong crew is made up of band members James De La Cruz, Dexter Fabay, Tony DiBlasi, Robert Chater, Gordon McQuilten and Darren Seltmann.

Likened to the Clash and Parliament on stage, the band take a post-modern punk approach often swapping instruments, taking turns on the turntables and dressing up in costume. Without distracting from the worth of their music, the group defy tradition and set the benchmark for what will soon make it into the Contemporary Encyclopaedia of Rock Mythology.

Already a smash hit on our own Australian shores, early last month (01/09/01) Frontier Psychiatrist stood at number 15 in the BBC Top 50 UK Indie Singles Charts and the album reached number 8 a few weeks back.

This single is an infectious and psychedelic journey into a new

rock-tech-pop ethos. Frontier Psychiatrist uses samples from 37 very quirky spoken word records, including some golf instructional, Christianity and ‘Reading For The Blind’ tapes. With impressive scratching, Ninja Tune/Mo Wax style hip hop, cut n’ paste beats for backing and the burlesque mass of samples, this is a deliriously good record.

And if you weren’t already sold, in recent news The Avalanches have

officially signed the albums’ USA release to London-Sire Records, also home to Orbital and Aphex Twin.

Get the low-down:

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