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Norweigen leaders on the electronic music scene, Royksopp have for a long while held an un-matchable reputation for their immaculate, crowd enlightening live shows. Something that most of us Australians wouldn’t know first-hand, unless we’ve been lucky enough to catch the duo in all of their live glory at an overseas show.

Now for the first time in the duo’s career, they’ve decided to make their live experience available to those of us not fortunate enough to have yet indulged in the Royksopp live show. Royksopp’s Night Out is a 40 minute attack of bliss on all senses, which was recorded from a show in Oslo (their hometown) at the end of an extensive European and American tour last November.

The entire duration is a jaw-dropping reminder of why we go to all of the extra effort of travelling far and wide to see those bands we love. Because if they have us so addicted to the sound on record, then they can make something untouchable live, with all of those extra feelings and emotions as the music is translated live and exclusively for us, in a performance that can never be repeated quite the same again.

You find yourself captivated from the very opening of the first track, What Else Is There, which on record features the chillingly emotion-fuelled vocals of The Knife’s Karin Dreijer, someone with such a unique vocal style you’d imagine was hard to match by any other vocalist. But Anneli Drecker does a superb job at delivering the track as emotionally-charged and with the intensity we fell for on 2005’s The Understanding.

They manage to create sparklingly clear scenes of sunlight and beauty, with chillingly effective results. Most bands that find themselves within this field, do so because of their lacking vocal or lyrical skills. A belief that Torbjorn and Svein send straight to hell in a handbasket, as they blow through the set, stepping up to the mic on a few occassions. Proving that the guest vocalists aren’t a needed feature of the band, but rather an added twinkle in Royksopp’s sonic eye.

The EP’s entire duration provides the listener with one gasp after another, even the spaces between seem to be filled with sounds of beauty and love pouring from the synths and the sweat dripping from the boys is almost as obvious, as they put their hearts and souls into delivering the music as perfectly as what they envision it.

One of the most amazing and surprising tracks on the list is without a shadow of doubt, track 8, which sees the boys cover Queens of The Stoneage’s ‘Go With The Flow’. I know what you’re all thinking…’but without guitars, will it still have the same power and emotional turmoil as it does from QOTSA?’ But of course, what Royksopp do with synths, really is something to behold, the manic guitars are replaced by screaming and drilling synths, adding even more to the track than you ever could have thought before. So it stands proven, electronic instruments can bring home the same human feelings and add an even more intense emotional element if you know how to possess the instrument with a raw concentration. This is by far the best cover I have ever heard, bringing even more to an already standout rock track, translating it to affect the dance scene as much as QOTSA’s affected the indie rock scene.

An amazing way to discover the beauty and power of a well-executed live show, long live Royksopp, let’s just hope Australia eventually makes it onto their agenda, otherwise we’ll always have this…

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