Various Artists - Renaissance pres. Hernan Cattaneo: Sequential

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Hernan Cattaneo is fast becoming a legend in the game, consistently providing quality sounds and music through his DJing and his various compilations. This time around, the Sequential double CD gives us another beautiful selection of the finest tracks, mixed by one of the finest talents on the planet.

The first cd provides us a stunning selection of music programmed and mixed in true Hernan style: delicate, elegantly yet with a roughish rawness to it that cannot be denied. Gui Boratto starts us off with his druggy, organ sounding ‘Arquipelago’ that skips delightfully into Petersky’s ‘F**k Them All’. The first ecstasy tingled moment comes as Tommyboy & Mannel’s ‘Feel It’ bongos its way through the sound waves and into an un-complex breakdown that is culminated by a driving darkish bassline that would ignite a crowd anywhere. The journey of the first disk would not be what it is without the gently beautiful sounds of Dousk’s ‘Florence’ mellowing out thing a little before providing the ramp for Rocco Mundo & Onno’s ‘Je T’Aime’ to cut loose and provide a trance like peak. Paolo Mojo’s ‘1983’ keeps the energy and fun alive before one of my favorite tracks of this disk is banged in. ‘Dize Moi’ by Chris Ilopis has a nasty bassline and a groove to kill for.

The second CD has a tad more of a twisted, techy edge to it, beginning with Bushwacka!’s ‘Beastman’ and those eerie French vocals behind a mood setting beat. ‘Fashionista’ by Trisco is such a juxterposing track to this opener, I’m still attempting to understand how they fit so well together. Maybe its because the latter is such a funky and uplifting and groovy number, I’m unsure. Either way, the point is – it rocks. Aussie export Luke Chable, warps and distorts things up a bit with his remix of ‘Two Full Moons and a Trout’, which again is a testament to Cattaneo’s ability to shift moods so suddenly yet gracefully that goes nearly unnoticed but completely appreciated. For the last 20 minute of so of this second CD, Hernan cuts completely loose, increasing the tempos and the drive of his track selection. Dan Welton’s ‘Lisopain’ is an incredible track and Nick Muir’s ‘I Feel Real’ also has that power to make you pay attention and turn up the dial.

This compilation, like fine wine, gets better as time goes along. Each listen there is more to hear and more appreciation at what the Argentinean born star is doing. It is by no means a genre defying mix which is set to break boundaries but its strength comes from the consistency Cattaneo is known to provide. He, himself features in an edit, a remix and a track of his own in ‘Sirocco’, with partner John Tonks. A solid effort and one that will get heavy play in the music library. Hernan Cattaneo’s Sequential is released through Renaissance on the 8th May, 2006.

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