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(PIAS/Creative Vibes)

Vitalic’s debut album “Okay Cowboy” was received with rapturous applause and rave reviews when it was released last year, and “Pony Part 1” was perhaps one of the biggest tunes to be lifted off the album. Originally released in mid 2004 on “International DJ Gigolos”, the track became an instant hit in techno and electro scenes alike, and has been a rarity to find since. So for fans who missed out on picking it up the first time around, this re-release of a total anthem is a God-send. The release features both the original in it’s full, uncut glory, a shorter edit (presumably for radio play), and (on the CD version only) a free copy of the film clip.

The original is definitely the reason anyone will be grabbing this release. To sum this track up in a sentence: hard hitting kick drums and filtered percussive loops pound through the wall of noise created by the bassline and the hands in the air, almost trance-like synth. But that wouldn’t be doing it justice. To begin with, Vitalic, in his usual style, provides the DJs with a nice long intro to allow us to mix the track with relative ease, before dropping the deep, yet hard hitting synth bass the original was so well known for. It’s difficult to describe with words, but let’s just say that if you have heard this track before, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about, if you haven’t, you’ve missed out on hearing one of the greatest basslines of all time. The bassline builds in resonance and eventually reaches its growling peak as the synth line makes its appearance. The two continue to intertwine perfectly for a minute or two, before a breakdown hits and a vocoded voice mumbles something unintelligible…but hey, it wouldn’t be electro without that would it? The lack of a build up before the track drops back in is pure genius, as it lets loose almost out of nowhere. The track after the breakdown is pretty much as it was before hand, just a little harder and more energetic, before it eventually winds down slowly, with a nice long outro. 

The edit is purely the original just shorter, so really doesn’t require any explanation. Think the original mix minus an intro and outro, and that’s about it. The video clip, well…you really need to see it for yourself. But to give you some idea, it has dogs, and they’re moving in slow motion. Yes, it is as weird to watch as it is to read about. But it does work…somehow. Ultimately, this release could easily have included only the original Poney Part 1, and it would still sell like hot cakes. The inclusion of an edit seems like a good idea to allow radio play, though I’m unsure exactly which radio station in Australia could get away with playing this. The film clip is a nice touch and adds some value for money if you’re one for interesting cinematography, but ultimately this is worth the money just for the original cut of this absolute classic.

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