Diesler - Keepie Uppies

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(TruThoughts/Creative Vibes)

Those readers familiar with the Tru Thoughts label will be familiar with the work of Quantic, his formidable ‘soul orchestra’, Alice Russell, and a few of the other neo-soul-jazz posse the English seaside town of Brighton seems to be churning out. Diesler hereby drops his second album in less than a year, and it’s of exactly of the sort of ilk one might expect in such company, not to mention the press release big ups from the likes of Giles Peterson and Mr Scruff.

Influences are so numerous it’s like a circus of booty-swinging genres. Jazz, soul and funk is all over Keepie Uppies, while African bongos and bossa sounds find themselves beside swinging Latin and Cuban rhythms. The man obviously has a huge and eclectic record collection, but on the whole, it doesn’t quite grab the listener like other releases on the burgeoning label have. It’s good, soulful stuff, but on the whole, it’s lacking a little umph. There is some fantastic live instrumentation from a whole host of folk throughout, but largely, there is little to make it stand out above the crowd.

It’s maybe a little harsh to say it would provide some great dinner party music, as there are a few people who may find this a wholly enjoyable skip through the land of music styles, but then again were it to be played at any dinner party I’d be invited to, I may even thank my lucky stars it was this over some other muzac – I’d probably even tap my feet – it’s good enough. Let’s just say it doesn’t smack you in the face.


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