The Presets - Girl And The Sea

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Sydney based electro-rock duo The Presets are currently riding high on the widespread success of their debut albums Beams, which Im assuming is the underlying logic behind the re-release of Girl And The Sea, the track that initially gave listeners a preview as to the sorts of sounds in store on the full-length album.

Included here in its original album form, Girl And The Sea certainly captures the shift in The Presets sound from the blockier synths of their earlier Blow Up EP towards more contoured and sheeny New Wave influences, Kim Moyes and Julian Hamiltons icily detached yet still melancholic vocals merging with an echoing Simple Minds-esque bassline and punching electro rhythms in an offering thats certainly one of Beams most immediately catchy moments.

There are certainly other tracks also included on the final release, but alas, frustratingly as my promo copy turned out to be a one-track wonder in this caseI cant tell you if theyre any good

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