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Side A1: Boy From School (album version) 5.19
Side A2: Boy From School (Cosmic Sandwich remix) 6.00
Side B1: Boy From School (Erol Alkan’s Extended Re-work) 10.17

This third single to be lifted from Leicester-based indie / electro-pop band Hot Chip’s recent second album ‘The Warning’ follows closely on the heels of previous 12” ‘Over And Over’, which represented a breakthrough hit of sorts for the five-piece act, the presence of DFA remixes on board ensuring the track’s continued presence on many a dancefloor.

In its original album form, ‘Boy From School’ certainly represents one of the more dance-fuelled moments from ‘The Warning’, its rhythmic undercarriage of opaque-sounding bass synths and metronomically bouncy house snares curiously counterpointed by a weary-sounding near-falsetto vocal that injects a melancholy undercurrent into proceedings that’s especially brought into full focus near the song’s end as rich multitracked vocals repeatedly intoning “We tried, but we didn’t have long” bleed out in intimate fashion through the speakers.

Cosmic Sandwich contribute a spaciously stripped-down electro-house reworking that cuts up fragments of the original vocal and scatters them liberally over a shimmering backdrop of icy synth arpeggios and punching bass drums in a moment that’s certainly tastefully put together. For my money though, it’s the currently uber-hip Erol Alkan who contributes easily the most excellent mix on offer here with his stunning ten minute ‘Extended Re-work’, which takes things away on an epic broken-beat house voyage that merges brooding bass, showers of dubbed-out cymbal reverb and eerie music box-like tones over a dense backdrop of clicking house rhythms and juddering analogue synth swells – certainly a reason to pick up this 12” on its own.

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