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Eddie Halliwell’s rush to DJ fame has been extraordinary. In 2003, Mixmag named him ‘DJ of the Year’. 2004 saw Eddie enter the DJ Mag Top 100 Poll ranked 25th, the highest first time entry in history. He has played all the ‘must do’ gigs – Creamfields, Godskitchen, Radio1, Ibiza – and now Cream has got their hands on him. The result? A two disc compilation entitled Cream Ibiza by Eddie Halliwell.

Disc one, I will admit, surprised me. Don’t get me wrong, it is good, it just happens to be electro and house. Eddie opens with Speedcats. It has a deep, warping and melancholic opening which squelches nicely into an upbeat tempo halfway through. This CD is funky. The tracklist reads like a who’s who of 2005’s fav tunes: Washing Up, No More Conversations, That Sound, and Walking Away. We have Sucker DJs jackin’ Bombay Sapphire alongside Eddie’s phat remix of Right Here Right Now. Eddie also plays with Axer 123 and Deepgroove’s Jus Luv Bass, proving he’s not afraid to recreate tracks to suit his tech affiliations. Marco V’s scorching Red Blue Purple lays on the grit, as does Chris Lake Release. The mixing is flawless. Yes, it is probably done with computer software, but who can blame Eddie for using the available technology. Be sure to check out the grinding bass of Viral Infection or the pumping beats of Fresh Funky. By Sync Out and iPray, the music is in full flight. Wow, what a journey. And there is more to come…

CD two is aptly entitled Main Room Mix and, by the looks of the tracklist, contains the driving trance and tech that Eddie is best known for. It kicks off with a short sample of Kuffdam and Plant’s Dream Makers before moving into Solange’s euphoric Messages. Yes, it is peaktime and the master is in control. There are some beautiful tracks on here: Exactly (O’Callaghan & Kearney), Vivid Intent (Greg Downey), and Touch Down (Mark Norman). The gently melodic gets airtime (Giuseppe Ottaviani Linking People), as does moody tech (DJ Preach Broken Inside). The last two tracks pay tribute to the current tech trance mania – Deep Voices Imagenetic and Marcel Woods’ goose bump inspiring Cherry Blossom. As the CD comes to a close, I feel a fission of excitement. Eddie… Godskitchen… October… If this CD is anything to go by, you won’t want to miss him. I can already hear the chants of Eddie, Eddie, Eddie!

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rah0ul said on the 17th Sep, 2006

buy this compilation. Throw out CD1. Crank CD2. Pass out. The best trance album i've bought this year. Seeing at Godskitchen will be very emotional.