Various Artists - Judgement Sundays: The True Sound of Ibiza, Mixed by Judge Jules

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Like most of us here in Australia there is no way I could afford to go to Ibiza. Fortunately there are a plethora of radio shows and mix CD’s to take us all there in spirit as we all think “maybe next year!” Judgement Sundays, Judge Jules very own night on the island, is most definitely one of the nights on my must go to list when I do eventually get there as not only does the Judge himself grace the decks but also star UK DJ’s like the Trophy Twins, Edie Halliwell and Lisa Lashes also headline. So in between now and when I do get on that plane Judge Jules has released a mix CD entitled “Judgedment Sundays; The True Sound of Ibiza” to keep me day dreaming of being there for real.

House and electro is undoubtedly the king of all that is music on the famed White Isle so it’s no surprise that Judge Jules (who is known to play house now and then) has focused his attentions on the more funky side of things on disc 1. I wasn’t expecting an underground affair by any stretch of my imagination but in no way is this, a bad thing as the Ibiza vibe is centered on having fun to the bigger anthems out there. ATFC’s “Spread Love” captures what Ibiza clubbing is all about with its memorable lyrics and that definitive funky euphoric house sound. One of the biggest anthems from the eighties “Tell Me Why” by Supermode is given the 2006 treatment, I can’t help but imagine witnessing the crowd at Judgement Sundays going absolutely crazy to this! “Be Free with your Love” by Miami Dub Machie provides another hands in the air moment, fans of that clubby funk sound will melt with delight to this one.

With electro house taking the world by storm at the moment it was something of a surprise to not hear the sound until Jules drops “Star Disease” by LR. Judge Jules has been working for a while with hardhouse legend BK on a few filthy electro bombs and “I Don’t Know” continues on the electro vibe with a chunky bassline, rough as guts rhythm and a touch of hard dance influence to give Jules’ mix a nice little twist. “I Don’t Know” is a definite stand out tune from both discs and I would expect nothing less from BK as he is a full bottle on all things production. Jules brings back the house vibe but with an electro feel with “Video Games Crash (Funka Remix”) by Phunk Electric. This is a great track which is unpredictable whilst its creators demonstrate some good musical flair which is highlighted by the funky guitar samples. Not long after the utterly brilliant “Waling Away” by Egg (remix by Tocadisco) has me dancing in my bedroom in front of my lap top as if I were front row centre at Judgment Sundays. The guitar fueled build up, pumping percussion and that groovy electro feel of “Waling Away” is nothing short of infectious and it’s not hard to imagine this tune being played all over the island, seven days a week across every single club.

As if to be performing a live set at his own night, Judge Jules gets us ready for the trancier mood with Brian Cross’ “Over My Skin.” Personally I would like to have seen this tune kick off the second mix as it looks and sounds a bit out of place when put on the same tracklist as “I Don’t Know” and “Waling Away.” Nonetheless this pop/Euro trance tune had me nodding my head wishing I was there with my hands in the air. The Judge comes good again though with Umek’s brilliant “Posing as Me,” this belter definitely doesn’t look too out of place on this mix. In fact the beauty of a tune like this one which combines the elements of pop, house, electro, tech and even a little trance could be used by all manner of DJ’s playing any kind of style. The bumpy momentum of the mix shifts sharply yet again into a pumping dark breaks mode as the Judge drops Robbie Rivera’s “Bizzarre Love Triangle.” With its dark mood, definitive breakbeat percussion and repetitive synth stabs which seem to depict frustration or confusion I wonder how well a tune like this would go down in Ibiza? Judge Jules concludes his disc 1 mix with a smooth move into tribal house and Brasilian drums with Eye One’s “Meta Samba.

Straight on to disc 2 of Judgement Sundays; The True Sound of Ibiza” and Judge Jules has assembled a mix that is choc full of some of the most recognisable names in melodic trance. Judge Jules gets the mix underway in melancholic and bitterswet fashion as he drops Team SR’s “Leaving London.” I love this tune as it’s not hard to imagine a rammed Judgement Sundays dancefloor full of dancing revelers thinking of the happiness and sadness of leaving behind the big city, be it permanently or temporarily. This mix CD is definitely not without its big anthems as Amber’s “Sexual” takes over on track 2. This is after all a representation of the “in” tunes on the island for 2006 and there is no doubt that this tune would get the crowd pumping. One of the names to watch in trance right now is Abel Ramos although I personally know him better for his more trancy productions than “Electro Fun,” which sounds too much like something Marco V would do. Still, the Judge would have his audience going mental to this otherwise enthusiastic track.

Judge Jules throws out a few more of his famed bangers before dropping one of the best euphoric trance tunes for 2006; “F16” by Simon Patterson. After the beautiful driftiness of the build-up the climax made me feel like I was taking off in an F16 fighter jet and there is no question it would have the same devistating impact on the Judgement Sundays dance floor. I found it a bit strange though that the Judge played this tune with the tempo lessened a bit… I personally like to hear the track with the BPM increased by about 5 beats or so from the level Judge Jules had it playing at, but I digress. “White” by Smith & Pledger is the next bomb to drop and unlike many definitive trance tracks out there at the moment the synth melody has a real feeling to it instead of just swirling along without much meaning. After the serenity of “White” the Judge goes back into big room bangers mode with a couple of Euro trance floor fillers before rounding off the mix nicely with the happy go lucky “Through Your Eyes” by Gueseppe Ottaviani (of ex-Nu-NRG fame) and the passionate euphoria of Sean Tyas’ “Remember.” For anyone who wishes they were in Ibiza, soaking it up both of these CDs will do their best to take you there without $5,000 sitting in your bank account.

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