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It seems that Hospital Records simply cannot stop churning out quality drum n bass releases. Granted, I myself seem to pick up a disproportionate amount of them, for whatever reason, but they always seem to deliver. I’m only just getting over the Cyantific album, and here’s Logistics’ debut hot on the heels.

This two-disc release attempts to showcase the diversity of Logistics’ sound, disc one entitled ‘Now’, disc two going by the name of ‘More Than Ever’. Clever. Although there’s undoubtedly an effort to divide the music into two quite large sub-groups, there’s not a huge difference between the sets of tunes. Roughly, ‘Now’ seems to deal with the sort of allegedly ‘soulful’ drum n bass as well as electro/techy/breaks inspired dnb that so many Hospital artists do pretty well with. As such, it’s a good listen. More Than Ever, on the other hand, far from being the more futuristic type jungle the name implies, is the heavier dance floor orientated side of Logistics’ repertoire. Chances are, if you’ve been out raving to dnb lately, there’ll be a tune or two familiar to you on this disc, with a number of rollers requiring at least a slight increase in volume.

Double disc (or quadruple vinyl) albums can always be a little risky, in that suspicion always remains as to whether a bunch of the tracks are filler. But you can trust the peeps at Hospital, it seems. Although you’d have a case for saying this would be an incredibly strong album were it to be trimmed down, DJs and fans will no doubt appreciate the amount of material here. Besides, he’s gone and produced the stuff – we may as well hear it, it’s decent music.


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ianwil1976 said on the 13th Sep, 2006

My favourite producer. Cannot WAIT for this album...the man can do no wrong! Nice review :)