Various Artists - Pacha, Mixed by Kaz James, Dirty Laundry & Sarah Main

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The Pacha name is synonymous with quality funky house music, and this compilation is certainly no exception. It’s masterfully put together over three massive CDs by Kaz James, Dirty Laundry and the hottest thing in house music in Europe at the moment, Sarah Main.

The first CD is compiled by Christopher James Karyotakis, or as he’s better known, Kaz James. Kaz, along with Dylan Burns, exploded onto the scene under the production guise Bodyrockers with the hugely successful single ‘I Like The Way’. Over the past year he has steadily built himself a growing reputation as one of the world’s best funky house DJs, with a long list of international appearances worldwide. Any doubters of this guy’s ability to masterfully put together a storming set of electro house goodness will be won over by his mix. The first track, Your Loving Arms, kicks things off on a light and fluffy note, and it’s immediately followed by the equally unimpressive Love Is by Latrice. Thankfully In White Rooms, Les Djinns and Jumbo cap off a hat-trick of storming electro tracks that really kick start this disc, albeit two tracks late. Switch lays down his traditional sound with his remix of Round & Round, while one of the biggest tracks of the summer, Boy by Walken, soon follows. The hat-trick is then completed memorably with the best song on the entire triple-CD compilation, Stepping To The Beat by DJ Jose. I could just play this track for hours on end. Fairlight by Kris Menace, and the biggest song of ’06 What Else is There by Royksopp, ensure that the first disc finishes on a well deserved high note. This 17-track first disc is a brilliant reflection of quality, thumping, up-tempo, electro-house music. While the mix does momentarily ‘go missing’ with Ant Music, Love Is and Your Loving Arms; the weight of numbers with highlighted tracks make it just too hard to pass up.

The second disc is masterfully put together by well established live act Dirty Laundry. Dirty Laundry consists of two DJs (Dean Cherny & JJ Styles), two vocalists (Dirty Pete & Miss P), two MCs (Matthew Charles & Seany B), with Cisco on Percussion and Mr Sax (Stevie Richards) on, err, sax! The best way to describe the middle disc on this compilation is BUSY. Dirty Laundry masterfully manage to fit 35 acapellas, samples and songs into just 13 tracks. If you’ve seen them play before you would know their traditional sound and style; that being funky house laced heavily with percussion and jazz sounds. Lots of vocals are accompanied by MCs and some super tight DJ mixing. The highlight of this disc is definitely track(s) 7, where the acapella of *Dirty Laundry*’s very own Soulshine is mixed brilliantly with the dub of one of my favourite tracks, My Love by Kortezman. Another highlight is the ridiculously busy track(s) 11 where six songs/acapellas are merged into one; and with devastating effect.

Last but not least is a little Aussie female DJ by the name of Sarah Main. She is taking Europe, and the world, by storm. From her residency at Pacha, Sarah has now taken her sassy sound and style to over 30 countries around the world, on every continent! She is one of the hottest DJs in Spain, and through her new radio show is set to take on the rest of Europe. With the third disc she takes the listener on a journey that is fresh and unique, and something that you wouldn’t usually hear being played by club land DJs in this great country. The thumping electro house sound is something that you could close your eyes and picture being played at Pacha in Ibiza, with Sarah in control of the main room. The disc starts off slowly enough, but it has more than it’s fair share of highlights. While Barcelona (Me Lo Paso Muy Bien), Warped Bass and Terrassa are significant highlights of this final disc, it’s OK Radio by PCB that stands head and shoulders above anything else on display. It’s a nasty, up-tempo, driving, electro-house anthem that should be getting more airplay at clubs around Australia. Overall her disc is dripping in class, and it backs up her growing list of impressive credentials.

Overall it’s hard not to love this triple-CD compilation. While the middle disc doesn’t have the thumping, dance floor driven sounds that the other two do, it still is fantastic listening with its samples, MC work and vocals. It’s the mixes by Kaz James and Sarah Main that will have you dancing, however. A storming selection of electro-house fused together masterfully with talent. In summary, this is the best house compilation I’ve heard on the market at the moment, go out there and buy it – you won’t be disappointed..!

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