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Warp Records have always been known for their signing of ‘unusual’ electronic acts, and the artist Clark fits in quite nicely with his Aphex Twin, Autechre, and Square Pusher colleagues. Pulled straight off his ‘Body Riddle’ album released last year comes the 6 track ‘Ted EP’, which is a cinematic soundtrack to a futuristic or post-apocalyptic landscape.

The title track ‘Ted’ rubbed my inner-ear in the wrong direction during the first 30 seconds before defining itself in any sort of melody or rhythm. Once I had established some sort of an idea of where this auditory journey was going to take me, I let go of my expectations and accepted that this wasn’t to be a predictable release.

Bibio (assisted in production of Boards of Canada album) adds a very different interpretation of ‘Ted’ in his remix which adds some acoustic guitar loops and removes the bass and beats from the original to create a light moment on this mostly dark, atmospheric EP. The folksy guitars make a fleeting appearance once more on ‘Bruise Animations’ before the strangely titled ‘Mia Farrow’ gives us an almost twisted orchestral dub experience in what is either an unusual tribute to the actress or a lack of thought to the title of the track.

‘Springtime Epiphany’ is a light dreamy tune with what sounds like glockenspiels and wind chimes driving the majority of the melody before closing off with ‘Cremation Drones’. Whilst dark and broody, Clark manages to create an almost visual interpretation of his music. Put on your headphones. Turn out the lights. Let your imagination wander to a strange but interesting landscape.

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