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Without doubt – in what can be a pretty fickle industry – Moby has stood the test of time. His multi-platinum success over more than a decade is testament to that, and the quality of tracks on his best of release ‘Go – The Very Best of Moby’ late last year reaffirmed it. Now, only months later we have ‘Go – The Very Best of Moby Remixed’; proof of the impact this guy has had on the dance scene. As you flick through the names that have come together on this compilation, it reads like a crème de la crème of some of dance music’s finest identities. This is a compilation that is kind of all over the place in sound – but that’s far from a criticism. If anything, the range in remixers that have come forward is an illustration of the universal appeal that Moby can have within the genre. When you’ve got Sandy Rivera and CJ Bolland on the same CD, you know you’re in for a ride. And therein lays its beauty.

The remix of Porcelain by Murk is typical of the style produced by the Miami duo, but leaves enough of the serenity that made the original song so popular. The Mylo remix of Lift Me Up is similar; while the Scot gives it his distinct touch in true Mylo-style, the original track still comes straight at you. And again, the same with the Push mix of In This World, which while getting things a little crazier with some notably quicker beats, that distinct Moby sound still resonates. Honey was the highlight of the compilation for me; remixed by Rollo and Sister Bliss of Faithless fame – one of my all time favourite outfits. This remix has distinct Faithless overtones; with the riff that made their track God is a DJ a constant through the track. The Benny Benassi remix of Beautiful is very Benassi, with some seriously chunky fat beats, but keeps the vocals of the original track front and centre. It is a credit to Benassi that this is actually on the compilation at all; this track did not feature on the original best of compilation, so here, it appears purely for the cracker that the remix is. Bob Sinclar comes to play on We Are All Made of Stars and it is Sinclar doing what he does best; with lots of drums, loops and filtered strings, but at no stage butchering the original. There are two remixes of Go – one Vitalic remix, and the other being the recent dancefloor killer by Trentemoller; and while they’re both great in their own right, the latter has recently catapulted into my top ten all time get-up-and-go-crazy tracks _ (yes, a little High Fidelity perhaps but that’s just me)_, so its inclusion here was for me, a one-way bet; a no-brainer if you will. Ferry Corsten provides the ultimate finale with his take on Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?; a track with serious legs. Hot, hot, hot.

While die-hard fans of the arguably ‘softer’ dance music that Moby has mastered might be a little miffed, those that also like their sounds a bit more focussed on the club will love this. I did.

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