Ministry of Sound Annual 2002 - Mixed by Mark Dynamix and Andy Van

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Here we have a comprehensive guide to the year that…still is. Mark Dynamix and Andy Van each give their own take on the highlights of the year, coming from very different sonic directions, but each providing a superb selection. Even inthemix gets a guernsey, with a rundown of the year that was (so far) from jayblue and some piccies from ITM chief indian, djdrey.

Unsurprisingly, Andy Van’s mix is pure house. Starting strongly with Roger Sanchez’s ‘Another Chance’, things just get bigger, better and more beautiful as the mix progresses; from Paul Mac’s irresistable (although overplayed) ‘Just the thing’, to Salsoul Nugget and ‘Come Home’ from Lil’ Devious. A masterful inclusion is Bob Sinclar’s very sexy ‘Save our Soul’, which is the first track to cool things down after the onslaught of hands-in-the-air hits. Next up: Daft Punk’s ‘One More Time’, was cool the first few times, but I think we are all over it. Back on form with Deep Swing’s chilled ‘In the Music’, with its very cool “in the mix…” refrain. The momentum just builds from here, through Stephen Allkins insanely catchy and awesomely classy production debut as [love] tattoo, the strangely brilliant Romeo from the Jaxx, and the soulful ‘Finally’ from Sandy Rivera as Kings of Tomorrow. Then it hits. Planet Funk’s epic ‘Chase the Sun’. This song touched us all in some way this year, and I for one still love it with a passion, despite drastic overplay. The closer is Rui da Silva’s deep and sexy ‘Touch Me’.

Mark Dynamix begins with the more floaty vocal numbers, and descends into the deeper, darker end of the progressive spectrum. The Digweed and Muir Bedrock remix of New Order’s ‘Crystal’ gets the ball rolling, then the real fun starts. Iio’s ‘Rapture’ is arguably the progressive anthem of the year, and the Creamer and Steph K remix featured here is the pick of the bunch. Next up is the irresistible ‘Real Life’ (Joey Negro under his Raven Maize moniker) and 80’s electro tinged ‘Keep Control’ from Sono. After the top-class prog opening, Mark throws us a curveball in the form of Darude’s ‘Sandstorm’. Tom Stephan’s ‘Superchumbofication’ of the commercial hit is actually pretty good, and works well in this mix. Danny Tenaglia’s pumping remix of Depeche Mode’s ‘I feel loved’ takes things deeper again, and the mix continues in this vein with the Chemical Brothers and Way Out West. Then back to the fun side of things with Timo Maas flexing his remix muscle on Fatboy’s ‘Star 69’, and the Commie remix of one of the years most loved tracks, ‘American Dream’. Then comes the seductive Marc O’Tool remix of Tall Paul’s smash hit ‘Precious Heart’, another of the biggest tracks of the year. Although I skipped ‘Joyenergiser’, there are top tracks from Mauro Picotto, Safri Duo, and a Public Domain remix.

This compilation is without doubt the best summary of the year’s musical highlights. Andy Van’s disc alone will keep house fans happy all summer. Mark Dynamix once again shows his undisputable talent as a selector, taking us on a journey that begins with some of the years biggest floor fillers which moves deeper as the mix progresses. Mixing on both discs is flawless, as is to be expected from DJ’s of this standard – smooth but unintrusive, the tracks are the stars here.

Disc 1

1 Roger Sanchez – Another Chance (original)

2 The Ones – Flawless (punk Investigation Vocal Remix)

3 Paul Mac – Just the Thing (sgt Slick Remix 12”)

4 M&S Pres. the Girl Next Door – Salsoul Nugget (orginal Remix)

5 Sgt. Slick – Let it Ride

6 Lil Devious – Come Home (agent Sumo Remix)

7 Bob Sinclar – Save Our Soul (punk Investigation Remix)

8 Daft Punk – One More Time (orginal)

9 Deep Swing – in the Music (original)

10 [love] Tattoo – Bass Has Got Me Movin’ (original Mix)

11 Dajae – Everyday of My Life (jnr Jack Vocal Mix)

12 Basement Jaxx – Romeo (original)

13 Par-T-One – I’m So Crazy (original)

14 Kings of Tomorrow – Finally (danny T Dub)

15 Max Linen – Soul Shaker

16 Planet Funk – Chase the Sun (extended Vocal Version)

17 Rui Da Silva – Touch Me (original 12”)

Disc 2

1 New Order – Crystal (bedrock Remix)

2 Iio – Rapture (creamer & Stephane K Remix)

3 Raven Maize – the Real Life (original)

4 Sono – Keep Control (original)

5 Darude – Sandstorm (superchumbo Remix)

6 Depeche Mode – I Feel Loved (danny Tenaglia Remix)

7 G Club – Guitarra G (warren Clarke Dub)

8 Chemical Brothers – it Began in Afrika (original)

9 Way Out West – Intesify (part 1)

10 Fat Boy Slim – Star 69 (timo Maas Remix)

11 Jakatta – American Dream (commie Remix)

12 Tall Paul Vs Inxs – Precious Heart (marc ‘o Tool Remix)

13 W.O.S.P – Getting Into You (original)

14 Joy Kitikonti – Joyenergizer (physical Mix)

15 Mauro Picotto – Verdi (original)

16 Safri Duo – Played A-Live (nick Sentience Remix)

17 Public Domain – Operation Blade (b’n’g Versus Musico Remix)

18 Slusnik Luna – Sun (ambassador Remix)

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