Various Artists - Disco Kandi: The Mix

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Fans of glamorous, glitter-ball house will love this release from the Hed Kandi crew, the ubiquitous disco queens and purveyors of pure, sparkling tunes. Unashamedly cheerful, it’s loaded with huge build-ups and stormin’ drops that make it a great CD to slap on ahead of a night on the tiles. This is sexy, soulful and vocal-laden house at its best and stomps all over Australia’s current obsession with electro and breaks – in delicate stilettos, of course. This is also the first official release on Hed Kandi Australia and signals great things to come, with big vocals, big strings, piano and a beat to shake it down to in a series of flawless mixes.

With 42 tracks across three CDs, it’s difficult to give a blow-by-blow account of what you’ll find on these discs. But the Kandis have helpfully split the sound into three genres: disc one is Kandi’s Glittering Mix, disc two is Kandi’s Deliciously Stylish Mix and disc three is Kandi’s More is Definitely More Mix. It seems appropriate then, that disco queen Crystal Waters kicks things off with her unforgettable voice that segues seamlessly into tracks from big names like Sandy Rivera, Kid Massive and The Straw Dogz. Great tunes that nod to electro without disappearing into a mess of bleeps are dropped in by Teddy Douglas and Camille Jones and the upbeat vocals from Booty Luv round things out nicely for that disk.

Disk Two is indeed deliciously stylish as claimed. Junior Jack’s contribution is a truly funky track that would make it impossible to resist on the dance floor and so is the second track, Dirty Old Ann’s Turn Me On. De Souza chimes in with the soulful Guilty, and who could resist that old classic Can’t Get Enough from Fish & Chips? Tasty numbers from Booty Luv and Raul Orellana feat. Jocelyn Brown are other highlights of the disk. Finally, there’s the “more is more” mix – whatever that means! Here, it translates into something less glittery than the other two CDs, altogether more restrained and sophisticated. The fabulous Martin Solveig makes an appearance here, along with a rather fabulous songstress called Gaelle, a cheery track from Jay C and Oliver Lang and the strangely named Hoxton Whores finish things off with Lost in Ibiza.

Listening to all three of these disks in one sitting could prove altogether too glittery and saccharine but all in all, this is a big and bold album packed with enough excellent moments to make it worthwhile.

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