Hot Chip - Ready For The Floor (Soulwax, Jesse Rose & Diplo Remixes)

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1. Ready For The Floor (album version) 3.54
2. Ready For The Floor (extended version) 7.16
3. Ready For The Floor (Soulwax dub) 8.12
4. Ready For The Floor (Jesse Rose mix) 5.24
5. Shake A Fist (Diplo mix) 4.07

This first single to be taken from Hot Chip’s keenly anticipated upcoming album (due early February) certainly offers up a decidedly more extrovert slant to the London-based five-piece’s oeuvre – in its original album and extended version forms, ‘Ready For The Floor’ sees the Chip scattering cut-up vocal samples over a shimmering electro-house backing that sits somewhere between Kraftwerk and Moroder and subtly-placed slices of punk-funk guitar. While it comes across as perhaps a slight shock at first to ears more accustomed to the downbeat synth-pop of ‘Colours’, Alexis’ familiar fey vocals immediately place things in more familiar territory as the curiously McCartney-esque chorus hooks kick in.

As for the remixes on offer here, Soulwax kick things open with what sounds like the fearsome bassy growl of a motorcycle engine, before relentless punk-funk drums and cowbells lock in against dark electro bass synths and vaguely Italo disco-tinged arpeggios, the entire track crashing halfway through into a wall of distorted evil synth noise, before Jesse Rose opts for his signature fidget-house approach on his excellent reworking, adding plenty of heavy percussive clank in what was easily my favourite of the various mixes on offer here. Finally, Diplo pretty much conforms the standard model we’ve come to expect from him, on his reworking of album track ‘Shake A Fist’, taking things on an electro / Baile funk excursion that stuttters and pitch-shifts the original vocal over taut bass synths and clicking 808 rhythms.

An impressive remix package that’s well worth picking up. Check out

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