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The Good Vibrations 2008 LP is the perfect partner to this summer’s most surprising festival. When the lineup was released late last year there was much debate over the massive coup to get headliners Kanye West and Cypress Hill on the bill. Overlooked was the myriad of lesser known artists that punched well above their weight and made the gig the festival of the summer for this reviewer.

Don’t go looking for any Kanye tracks on this CD. His hits are as absent as they were at the start of his set during Good Vibes’ run around the country. You mean I have to stick around for another arrogant ryhme about rockstar posturing just to hear Golddigger? Stuff that, I’m off to check out High Contrast. Alas, no High Contrast on this disc either. Well, what is on here?

Insane in the Brain from Cypress kicks things off nicely. This song will always be a classic and I can never press skip when this silly beat blasts out. The Rapture’s Don Gon Do It is strangely slotted in as track 2. The song is growing on me, though the band still comes off as being pretty bland. OK, back to the hip hop beats with Pharoahe Monch, who took out the title of ‘set of the day’ with many people I spoke to. (I attended the Heirisson Island leg in Perth). His song Body Baby is a finger snapping joy.

Pigeon John remains confused with the track Higher?!, while Katalyst does much better with All You’ve Got with help from the smooth flow of Ru C.L. and Yungun. A-Love’s track Easy also features Yungun, who rhymed over The Nextmen’s beats at the fest. He sure does get around. The K-OS track Sunday Morning is next. I think sometime in the last year or so I must have slipped into a coma and missed the period when this track was a top 10 hit. It must have been huge, yeh? Played on commercial radio? What? No? I don’t believe it. This track is killer. So feelgood, so smooth, so heartfelt, and K-OS played a party rocking live set to go with it.

Continuing the best section of this CD is Thievery Corporation’s Warning Shots. Very nice. The Resin Dog’s Coming With The Sound is quite block rocking. Bag Raider’s Fun Punch starts the more electronic dance section of the disc. This track is a cracker. Girls from Calvin Harris is less interesting and Gameboy/Gamegirl’s Fruit Salad is just plain weird.

I lost interest in the last few tracks. Surkin makes an electric appearance with some Frenchie beats. The Aston Shuffle is there. The Bump is also there by Hook N Sling & Kid Kenobi. But the CD has well and truly lost its groove by this stage. All in all, it’s a decent listen of some hits and some suprises. It may help you re-discover a paticular artist that you liked on the day. If you didn’t go to Good Vibrations this year, why the hell not? Get this CD and dream of what it was like. You won’t even come close.

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