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One of the UK’s best groups, at least when talking about hip hop, are the Foreign Beggars. Yet for unknown reasons they (and the majority of their UK counterparts) are slept on by fans in Australia. But the folk at Grindin are looking to fix that, as well as possibly make some quick cash it seems ,and they’ve have assembled this compilation of sorts, a selection of hot tracks from across the Beggars’ catalogue.

The Foreign Beggars feature Dag Nabbit on the boards, DJ Nonames, Beatboxer Shlomo and emcees Metropolis and Orifice Vulgatron. This release sees the best tracks from their two UK albums Asylum Speakers and Stray Point Agenda cobbled together as an excellent introduction into their sound. The sound is unique and damn catchy, lyrically Orifice fires off a million words a minute while Metropolis is the booming baritone that provides the lyrical counter punch. On the production side of things, Dag Nabbit is definitely versatile, from the slow rolling beats of Hold On to the more traditional paced Flowin’, he has plenty to offer. It is the rolling numbers where he best shines though, Reach Out and What Goes Up standing out while the Oh No produced Slow Broiled Ilk is brilliant.

Lyrically there are a whole heap of guests along for the journey. Skinnyman trades rapid fire with Orifice on Hold On while DVS provides a tight hook, Wildchild rocks from the US on Let Go, while Dubbledge spits as angry as I’ve ever heard on Bollocks, with the beats on the latter track representing somewhat of an electro-tinged experiment. Reach Out featuring Dr Syntax sees things get deeper while the only real lyrical clumsiness comes from Hit That (Gash). Sure, seeing gash in a title is funny but the subject of sleeping with ladies is real tired unless done well.

If you are new to the UK sound this is a must listen for you, Grindin have done an excellent job of providing people with a taste of what’s on offer. With whispers of an Australian tour in the coming months, now is the perfect time to remind yourself why the Foreign Beggars are dope.

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eldy said on the 5th Apr, 2008

I need to get my hands on this. The tour is next month