The Count and Sinden feat. Kid Sister - Beeper

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Sinden teams up with Herve AKA The Count Of Monte Cristal for the chronic single that is Beeper. Taking a skippy beat and wobbling bassline owing more than a nod to Todd Edwards, the track is a tribute to UK garage. Add an intensely annoying beeper sound effect, funky bassline and some nastygirl rhyming from Chicago’s Kid Sister and you have Beeper.

A South Londoner born and bred, I spent more than a few nights in the late 90’s overpaying for designer drinks and stepping to the sounds of Ramsey and Fen’s Love Bug and Dem 2’s Destiny but I can’t confess to hankering for those sounds too much these days. There are six remixes on the release, including the self-explanatory Instrumental, Clean, and Sunship Dry Vocal edits. The Fake Blood Remix drops Kid Sister and switches to fidget house which is sound, but a little toothless. Kid Sister’s boyfriend A-Trak cuts up the vocal and brings a Baltimore feel to the overplayed track, which although refreshing, frustratingly retains the vocal and beeper sample. Last up, Brighton outfit The Qemists drop a fast-paced new school drum and bass edit in the guitar led style of Pendulum in the most radical departure from the original.

Beeper has been flogged far and wide for some time, which perhaps takes away from the impact of the track, however for collaboration between such eminent producers, Beeper is ultimately very disappointing, coming off sounding like a bargain bucket novelty. Solid remixes from A-Trak and The Qemists mean I will possibly revisit the CD one day, but for now, I’m just going to try and get that fucking sample out of my head.

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