Mark Knight, Adam K & Soha - From The Speaker

Image For Mark Knight, Adam K & Soha - From The Speaker

Mark Knight has hit the jackpot once again. Combining with Toronto duo Adam K and Soha, together they’ve created a monster tune called From The Speaker. This track takes you on a journey to all the right places. The club mix is a track that builds and builds with its hard dark techy beats, it never relents on you and with the powerful vocal “from the Speaker” booming out repeatedly, it is bound to cause carnage on the dancefloor

Meanwhile, the Dub Mix is the complete opposite. Calm and soulful and almost soothing, but no less special, the great bassline remains and shows how great this track is that you can have two completely different mixes but still come out with the same result. Overall it’s a fantastic track that’s flawless in its production and underlines what talent these three guys have, and what great form they are in at the moment. May it continue for a long time to come!

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