Danny Tenaglia - The Space Dance

Image For Danny Tenaglia - The Space Dance

The Space Dance is the first release taken from the 2 CD set Futurism, and it’s Danny’s first original tune since 2004. The song oozes progressive, tech and deep house, and fools the mind into thinking you might possibly even be on the Terrace in Ibiza. After all, it’s where Danny will be spending most of the Northern summer.

Seriously twisted stuff, it really is from out of space. It has a rather spooky set of vocals, something of like a robot or an alien running over two different mixes chanting “S. P. A. C. E.”.. There is also a main room Dubstramental Edit, which doesn’t have the vocals, and this is going rather close to Riche Hawtin type techno. Overall it’s definitely one for the late night set or the late-night drive home, and a must for any progressive/deep house lover.


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