Pendulum - The Other Side

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Pendulum has caused a lot of debate and discussion in the dance community with their second album, and the new path they’ve gone down. Some people love it, and some don’t like it at all and their new track The Other Side is no different and will divide opinion again.

The song is typical Pendulum in that it has a real good strong beat to it, and a good vocal to go along with it, which makes for a good combination.There is no doubt their new style is very much based in a heavier rock sound, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a track you can still have a good groove to. Like most of the new Pendulum tracks, you will need a few listens to The Other Side to get a proper feel for the song, but once you do I think you’ll be pretty surprised.

Who knows, you might even grow to love New Pendulum as much as Old Pendulum or at the very least respect the fact they have dared to be a bit different and not stood still with their approach to their music.

Check out the clip for The Other Side...

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