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Buzz electroclash single Body Crash first dipped a tentative toe into the mainstream late last year and has been doing the rounds ever since. Dividing opinion like sonic Vegemite, Body Crash is the debut single from Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello’s Buy Now pseudonym that you are either going to love or hate.

The original track revolves around a sample of The Michael Zagar Band’s kitsch disco classic Let’s all Chant and races through French house, electro and tech in a short space of time. With massive support from Erol Alkan, Soulwax and Pete Tong for starters, Body Crash surprised nobody when it won gold at the Miami WMC 2008. Combining robot rock, an extremely heavy drum and an invasive Arabic violin breakdown, the track screams forward before hitting a wall and snapping unexpectedly into a sample of a CD skipping (which I must admit had me shaking my iPod as if it were a Discman the first time I heard it…duh!)

After basking in this cracking serving of turbo-disco, I scan the tracklist on the back of the promo and begin to feel nervous for Dirty South’s remix. I shouldn’t have. Australia’s No. 1 producer drops a longer intro, humanises the drums and toys with the vocal. Dirty’s edit is layered sweeping tech-house with style, completely changing the direction of the tune and actually overshadowing the original. Hats off to Mr South! The Streetlife DJs take the original and morph it from a Daft robot into a sleek 21st Century mechanoid with fewer colours and more metal. The main vocal has been tossed to the factory floor, with the collective stomping on Angello and Ingrosso’s Gameboy and trade up for a slick new Wii.

Body Crash is all about big beats, dirty electro-tech and camp vocals, but where it does win out is in its self-awareness. It is big and brash but cleverly layered and tightly produced. It’s two tablespoons of Bangalter, 400g of Fatboy Slim and an unhealthy fistful of steroids. This is one track that you are sure to be hearing this festival season, even more often than you are stepped on by a shirtless wanker. Buy now.

Buy Now’s Body Crash is out now on Hussle/EMI.

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youngman said on the 22nd Aug, 2008

Prety sure this is not their debut single - "For Sale" was out over 18 months ago.


Richierich5381 said on the 22nd Aug, 2008

True - this one's been around since 2005 in various forms according to some sources but 'For Sale' was the first official European release, good call :) The press release said debut but I think it must mean debut Australian release.