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I’ve loved a lot of what Mr Timothy has done in the past, so it was delight when ‘Thump’ landed in my in-tray. Unfortunately, this track is somewhat immersed in the confused fuzzy-electro-tinged-melange that is all the rage at the moment… Although it didn’t grab me as anything stupendous, it is annoyingly infectious. The vocal hook and descending stuccatto that follows it are both great and very catchy.

Mr Timothy has gathered a plethora of remixers for the track to lend it some extra credibility, but I must announce some reservations… Remixers are employed to enhance a track, to give it something extra and take it in a different direction. On this offering we are given remixes from Miles Dyson, the Electro Funk Lovers, James Ash, Kam Denny and Marty Martinez.

It would appear that everyone, save for Dyson, has borrowed extensively from the ‘Electro Remixers 101’ handbook, as they are all very-slight variations on the same theme. A couple of different bleeps, beeps, fuzzy guitar work and distorted vocals do not make a remix… To be honest, I’m left feeling a bit jaded over the lack of imagination shown here.

As I said, Dyson makes an effort, stripping the track down and breaking it up, but even so Mr Timothy would have been better taking the tune apart himself, then using a concrete mixer to churn it back together. I’m further mystified as to why he would use all these other remixers to submit sub-par work when his own dub version is a real belter.

This will most probably be a hit with the electro house crowd, but I do wonder why Mr Timothy would chose to dilute his own product when the originals stand on their own. Disappointing.

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amanda fantastique

amanda fantastique said on the 9th Sep, 2008

its a total rip of 'let me think about it'