Flip & Djuma Soundsystem - Atilla EP

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Continuing the perturbing theme of aggressive Scandinavian world domination in ‘08, Norway’s DJ Mikkas and Denmark’s Lars B return this month with the eighth release in Toolroom’s Leaders of The New School series. Djuma Soundsystem’s lush 2007 epic, ‘Les Djinns’ remains one of the most downloaded tracks in Beatport’s history – as it bloody well should! In fact, Jimmy Van M found it so fetching that he opened his uptempo disc on the Balance 010 bundle with the Trentemoller and Def Jaguar remixes back to back. Teaming up with good friend and fellow Nordic whiz-kid Flip this time around, the boys are well and truly back in town with the classy Atilla EP.

The title track opens very big and bassy before a hollow snare and tinkling hat roughly straddle a lasery bassline. The dark underground journey slows before returning pleasingly from a simmering breakdown with even more bass and a thick electro riff. Sounding like wobbly futuristic Amazonian techno, the track opens up and springs forward with a jolly sounding ping pong beat. Drawn out and very funky, Atilla is sure to get walls and asses shaking in more distinguished clubs this summer. Partner in crime ‘Jaded’ takes a proggier path, rolling in with a clicking drum and gorgeous melody. Another groovy number, the minimal ticking expands into wide tribal percussion before blossoming into a bouncy tech-house affair. Perfect for a dark room with a low ceiling, or an al fresco terrace with thick shades on, Jaded is an apt tribute to its namesake, London’s version of Sounds of Sunday.

A cracking release from Toolroom and a strong follow up to Les Djinns, the Atilla AP encompasses a fantastic range of elements from house, prog and tech. At times watery and melodic at others dark and lasery, this is understated tribal tech-house at it’s funkiest. Get hold of this rattlesnake and get your groove on people.


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