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All you weed smokers out there (yes, you!), your attention if I may? The first time I bathed in Mary Jane’s loving embrace was sometime in high (pun intended…) school, and the soundtrack to that particular evening was Cypress Hill’s Black Sunday. There is no greater joy in adolescence than pulling a cone while banging to Hits From The Bong, and I still make a conscious effort to give that record a spin every once in a while when sparking the leaf. It’s a hypnotic track and those boys taught me there’s more to life than alcohol and women. There’s chronic too!

Anyway, I’m sure you each have a Cypress Hill anecdote as well, as everyone seems to have a soft spot in their smoking past for the trio. So, let me introduce you to Sen Dog. For those of you who don’t know, Sen (Senen Reyes) is the Cuban cat with the deeper voice from Cypress Hill, and Diary Of A Mad Dog is his debut solo project. Sen Dog is a hard working brother, in addition to Cypress Hill Sen has recorded with his brother Mellow Man Ace as the duo The Reyes Brothers, and he fronts punk rock/rap fusion group SX-10. He has also appeared on tracks from Everlast, GZA & Muggs and Tres Delinquents.

It’s nice to see Sen step out of B-Real’s (the other rapper from Cypress Hill) shadow. His lyrical styling is pretty good and he’s repping Latino blood like no other artist can. His rhymes are kind of average, but his charisma and flow compensates for this lack of technical ability. Conceptually, this record is exactly what you’d expect from an old school Latin thug who’s been rocking the mic for over 15 years. The beats are more upbeat than any Cypress joints (ergh, another pun, I’m good at these hey?) and there’s a Cuban vibe as Sen’s heritage has heavily influenced the flow of the album.

Overall Diary Of A Mad Dog is a solid effort. Personally, I prefer Cypress Hill, but at least Sen was able to stray from the marijuana-laced tracks you’d expect and serve up something new. This album isn’t worth losing your shit over, but it’s worth sussing out at your local record store. Give it a listen, keep an open mind (blaze the reefer if you must), and let Sen Dog lead you through the Latin streets of Los Angeles.

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