Count & Sinden - Hardcore Girls EP

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Hardcore Girls by the Count and Sinden is a definite head-bopping, feet-pounding, body-shaking dancefloor killer. And that’s enough cliches for today. Although displaying nothing that’s particularly original or fresh, this Baltimore/electro track definitely has something catchy about it, whether it’s the vocals courtesy of Rye Rye (which are strangely sexy), the massive bassline, or the very funky drums.

It’s even larger than the duo’s now heavily overplayed song Beeper. My only criticism is that, at 3:37 and 4:22 for the JC and Original mixes respectively, they are rather short and don’t allow for any real mixing. That being said, the tunes lend themselves to a a cutting style of mixing, rather than long blends. And the duration means that the dancefloor won’t get bored of them anytime soon. A definite must have for underground and commercial floors alike.

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Peakin Pecan

Peakin Pecan said on the 10th Nov, 2008

i reckon his song blows... or is it just me?