Stefan Goldmann - The Transitory State/Voices Of The Dead

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Stefan Goldmann is a leading light in German house and techno music and a favourite producer of many a renowned international DJ. This is for a number of reasons – Goldmann is a man as likely to mix a Kerri Chandler track with one from Jake Fairley as he is to sit and get lost in classic drum and bass and Plastikman records. He has almost unrivaled attention to detail which sacrifices not the slightest shred of dance floor appeal in an effort to make an interesting listening experience.

The Transitory State is actually a double CD package the second of which is titled Voices Of The Dead. The Transitory State is comprised entirely of previous Goldmann releases on Perlon, Innervisions and his own Macro Recordings (on which this album is released). On the other hand, with the exception of Turret – which formed part of the intro to Richie Hawtin’s groundbreaking DE9: Transitions compilation – Voices Of The Dead is entirely unreleased and… terrifying.

Simply put, it makes most horror film soundtracks seem utterly redundant and the electroacoustic project draws on many interesting textures and settings. It will be much too esoteric for the likes of some but deserves a good bottle of plonk and a rainy day to be properly appreciated. Turret still stands tall amongst the tracks on this album but the bleak and brooding Slit Trench definitely trumps it in the fear factor stakes. On the other hand, the epic twelve and three quarter minute Izo more comprehensively captures the album’s prevalent ideas – an impending doom prophesied by cold machines bleeping their harsh premonitions.

If that all sounds a bit too much well you still have The Transitory State to keep you entertained and with classics like _Radiant Grace, Lunatic Fringe, Blood and Sleepy Hollow providing the muscle there’s not much to complain about!

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