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Golden Bug’s new album Hot Robot is an exquisite, interesting liquorice all-sort of electronica and funk spliced with anything from a touch of techno, pop, house and breaks. It is most certainly creative but it still has enough grab right from the very first track and from there then sucks you into a kaleidoscope of intriguing sounds. Interesting and jiving, this one is a pleasure all the way to the final track.

You know you are in for something different once Midnight Rabbit kicks off first. The intro contains some nostalgic 80s-like synth before transforming into a slow sounding acid house number with a hint of 303. The track also builds perfectly, gathering momentum before ending on a razors’ edge.

From here, Golden Bug puts on a display of a plethora of influences from various genres to his own creations. The house facet comes across in Bisco, more of a bouncing, up-tempo house number that encourages impulsive bopping on the dancefloor, while Back to Death has a definite old school influence from the early 90s.The pop disco sound is used in LookLookLook with an added grungy electronic keyboard over the top and the 80s influence crops up for another appearance on Move The Crowded, which is slightly more down tempo but is raw feeling. It also features some great echoing, filtered vocals which complement the track completely too.

My Teacher Is A Zombie adds a deep house sound to the already broad compilation and just when you think you have got a feel for it all, funky Captain Shaker is there. Even techno sounds drop in on the tracks Radio and the powerful, industrial, weird Barbie’s Back which has some of the most bizarre vocals regarding Barbie and Ken and their party antics. There is even an ambient and chilled layer to this album, and throw breaks into the pot with _I Can’t Stop _ and the Crystal Method sounding Rocket City and you have a very well-rounded and wide-ranged CD.

It certainly is an intriguing mix of sounds on here, and the wide appreciation for a variety of sounds by Golden Bug is obvious. They do make it work quite well though still manage to give their own unique take on the electronic sound. Creative and good, it will certainly maintain the educated ears’ attention. Might not be your favourite, but certainly won’t be the worst CD you could add to your collection.

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