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Canadian born Peaches returns with an album featuring production and collaborations from Soulwax, Simian Mobile Disco, Digitalism and Drums of Death. I Feel Cream is a much less abrasive creation than her previous albums. The in-your-faceness of Peaches has kind of put me off in the past, as generally when I listen to music I have no urge to feel like a hairy woman is gyrating with a strap on penis in my face.

Album opener Serpentine begins with Peaches delivering a spitfire rap addressing her history over the top of a weird Timbaland/Pharrell style minimal beat, but nastier. It has crazy high pitch sweeps with a fat bass synth sound that grows with the track warning the listener of the fevered energy that they are about to encounter.

Talk To Me, produced by Soulwax, contains the recognisable synth squeals and bleeps to which dance floors have been accustomed to hearing over the past few years. I’m interested in hearing a full fledged Soulwax version of this song as I can imagine it being a fairly massive dance floor killer. As the song ends at the 3-minute mark you can all but hear the drum breakdown that would surely occur, switching the song over to pure Soulwax madness, sending the strobe lights in the club into a frenzy, causing kids to realise what it’s like to be epileptic.

Lose You has Peaches delivering a silky pop vocal over the top of syncopated beats. It sounds like a DFA produced disco jam. The song ends with a vocal solo that is reminiscent of the one found in Kylie Minouge’s Confide in Me. More has Peaches back with her trademark rap/talk vocal. The song is a stomping ride with some crazy sweeps and driving bass. Title track, I Feel Cream, sounds like it samples a Chemical Brothers track, which is never a bad thing. Show Stopper is another Soulwax produced number, this time it’s not Nite Versions Soulwax, but full-fledged, rock band Soulwax. It’s a noise track, with big live drums and distorted synth lines. Billionaire features Shunda K of Yo Majesty. It’s great seeing Peaches working with new artists who are working with similar themes of female sexuality. Mommy Complex could be Peaches way of addressing the fact she would be a fair bit older than the audience that this album would be aimed at. Lyrically it’s an interesting take on one of her most famous lines, which had her rapping about sucking on her breasts.

Simian Mobile Disco’s, James Ford, mostly produced this album and his interest in peculiar synth sounds interweaves perfectly with aesthetic of Peaches. The album features Peaches in all of her sexual charged best, this time adding the production abilities of some of the best going around. Together they create an album that will impress existing fans, and will be sure to bring a whole new audience to the teaches of Peaches.

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